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Transition into the
future of finance

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Manage your digital asset wealth

Buy, Sell & Trade
Cryptocurrency over the counter directly from your wallet.
Your assets in a secure wealth management portal.
Yield from sourced DeFi strategies and lending your assets.
Cryptocurrency at participating merchants in our trade network for fast settlements.
Crypto cashback on purchases.


Payment and wealth services

  • Accept cryptocurrency from your customers
  • Manage your digital assets through a personal broker and account manager
Merchant Services:
  • Hold and accumulate your assets in a secure wealth management portal
  • Access a network of emerging crypto wealth to spend on your business
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We support individuals and entities to privately enter, understand and travel up-stream through the cryptocurrency markets.

Meet your Merchants

We anticipate that digital currencies will be rapidly adopted as they continue to disrupt traditional financial markets in unique and innovative ways.

Aus Merchant is at the forefront of this transformation by supporting both investors and merchants to adopt the future of money.

We specialise in delivering curated digital asset services to a diverse network of clients including individuals, businesses and trusts.

Networks are built one node at a time, speak with your dedicated account manager to discover what’s possible.

There are four key parts to Aus Merchant – Buy, sell, trade, invest.

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Why Aus Merchant?

Aus Merchant has established secure methodologies and connections to banking, digital currency exchanges and liquidity providers ensuring our clients can comfortably navigate the future of money.


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