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Culture Vault is an NFT curated platform and creative agency. We work with emerging and established artists from both the digital and traditional art world to create, mint, sell and display their work on our web3 platform.

Our services for your NFT journey

Culture Vault is proud to be minting on Polygon

Polygon uses a proof of stake algorithm, which greatly reduces gas fees and is much better for the environment. Our smart contracts are read by the Ethereum network, so all of our NFTs are displayed on OpenSea as well as Culture Vault's curated marketplace.

We're Not Just a Minting Factory

Culture Vault works closely with a highly curated selection of individual artists and cultural brands to help build both their creative and business strategies. Our collections are thoughtful and we only work with creators who are truly invested in the NFT space.

We're Partnering with On Cyber

Culture Vault token holders will be able to display their NFTs in a bespoke, beautifully designed, and easily shareable metaverse gallery. On Cyber is a seamless way for artists and collectors to show their NFTs in fully immersive experiences.

We offer web3 Integration

Culture Vault is integrated into the web3 ecosystem, which means you can connect your Metamask wallet (no permissions needed) and immediately start bidding and buying our premium collection of NFTs. Not all NFT platforms offer web3 integration.

Culture Vault offers collectors a FIAT onboarding ramp

We offer consumers the option of purchasing our collection of NFTs using their credit card. We will then walk them through setting up a custodial wallet so we can transfer their newly purchased NFT. We're the OG "crypto-concierge" for traditional art collectors.

We give artists the opportunity to immediately cash out into FIAT

Some of our artists want to keep their newly earnt royalties in crypto and others want liquidity. If our creators want to cash out into their home currency we provide a personalized service to help them through the process.

We prioritize compliance and have a team dedicated to making sure our artist's funds are secure and purchases are legitimate and above board.

We encourage and give artists the opportunity to collaborate with our network of global artists, musicians, animators, and cultural brands.

We believe creativity thrives when silos collide.

Culture Vault uses ArWeave, which is a new type of storage that backs data with sustainable and perpetual endowments allowing users and developers to truly store data forever, for the very first time. They are storing data on-chain so it’s never lost.

Our Creative Network

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For more information, please contact, we are more than happy to discuss your proposition and are flexible in our terms and conditions.