Accept cryptocurrency as payments and join our growing merchant network

Transition into the future of finance

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Get tailored support when adding digital assets to your business plan. Access a full suite of digital asset services for Australian Merchants making the transition into the future of money.

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Accept & Receive

Use cryptocurrency as it was intended, money. 

Set your business up for a digital economy and join the trade network. Promote your business to a network of emerging global wealth.

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Hold & Earn

Store your cryptocurrency with Aus Merchant in a secure environment. Earn interest on currency by opting into one of our many deposit accounts.

Hold your cryptocurrency with Aus Merchant and have confidence in an institutional grade wallet system with the convenience of a hot wallet and security of cold storage. Our technology provider uses MPC technology to ensure the security of your assets.

Earn interest by putting your cryptocurrency to work as productive capital. Aus Merchant is always establishing additional integrations with decentralised finance and share yield generating products.

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Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Accept multiple currency options and receive payment in your local currency or stablecoins.