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Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrency are enabling a decentralised financial future for humanity. Embrace and take advantage of this through the Aus Merchant wealth management portal and brokers.

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Cryptocurrency OTC through a personal broker and account manager

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Use our request a quote feature for quick trades straight from your wallet. Speak with our interactive broker to confirm transactions and trade details as they happen.


Your assets in a secure wealth management portal

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Hold your cryptocurrency with Aus Merchant and have confidence in an institutional grade wallet system with the convenience of a hot wallet and security of cold storage. Our technology provider uses MPC technology to ensure the security of your assets.


Yield from sourced DeFi opportunities and term deposit accounts

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Earn interest by putting your cryptocurrency to work as productive capital. Aus Merchant is always establishing additional integrations with decentralised finance and share yield generating products.

Spend & Receive

Cryptocurrency as it was intended, money

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Spend your cryptocurrency at participating Aus Merchant retail customers and receive a crypto cashback on purchases.

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