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Transforming traditional ways of donating to charities with cryptocurrency

At Aus Merchant, we feel strongly about the adoption of blockchain technology in the charity space. Blockchain technology ensures both organisations and donors can track exactly how the cryptocurrency is being used. This month we partnered with Jewish House to enable donations in cryptocurrency to help prevent Homelessness in Australia. If you’re looking to donate

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Stockhead interview

Our Co-Founders Sean Tolkin & Mitchell Travers spoke to Stockhead about Aus Merchants services, and how Australian businesses can use these tools to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for goods or services. Thank you to Derek Rose for the write-up. We’re really excited to bring enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to Australian businesses! Aus Merchant:

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AusBiz interview

See what our Managing Director Mitchell Travers has to say about the security of cryptocurrency, and how Aus Merchant provides consumers with confidence when it comes to digital currencies.

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Aus Merchant Joins CUB!

In 2020, Aus Merchant was created with the ambition to remodel the traditional financial ecosystem and move to a new world of digital currency. Our services cover banking, trading, and financial services and offer innovative tools like our wealth management portal. We cater to individuals and merchants alike, offering a streamlined blockchain approach with advanced

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