Aus Merchant Joins CUB!

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ausmerchant cub

In 2020, Aus Merchant was created with the ambition to remodel the traditional financial ecosystem and move to a new world of digital currency. Our services cover banking, trading, and financial services and offer innovative tools like our wealth management portal. We cater to individuals and merchants alike, offering a streamlined blockchain approach with advanced transparency to provide our customers safety regarding their investments.

We offer integrated crypto payment solutions and accounting platforms for merchants and a tailor-made approach for our investors. We offer access to all digital currencies and have access to multiple exchanges, and we provide the right currencies for our clients at the best price. Our business thrives on referrals and networking, and in that vein, we have joined the Club of United Business (CUB). This opportunity benefits our merchant and investor clients by creating a more extensive network of institutions and other businesses.

What is the Club of United Business?

“The founding concept of CUB was and still is to be a “business family”. Our goal is to ensure our members have the ability to form real relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. Uniting leaders by delivering the country’s best and most efficient business networking.” – Daniel Hakim

CUB is Australia’s leader in business networking and has a business model marked by dynamic growth since its inception in 2015. They know first hand the challenges entrepreneurs face. Understanding the power of having the right network, CUB created a leadership community and networking service enabling Australian entrepreneurs the ability to build relationships with fellow industry leaders.

With a talented and ambitious team, CUB is a leader in business networking throughout Australia. They unite a community of over 1000 Australian entrepreneurs and business owners across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. CUB provides their time, knowledge, and networks to support the ambitions of their members. CUB stands on the foundation built by Daniel Hakim, and they pride themselves in being:

  • The modern face of Australian business – CUB represents the modern face of Australian business, creating a community that strives to make every member feel a sense of belonging.
  • Australian-owned – Unlike other leadership groups, CUB is an Australian business with the sole purpose of supporting Australian entrepreneurship.
  • Business is a force for good – Our community believes in the power of the entrepreneur and your ability to impact the world in a positive way. They understand that business plays an important role in creating a better world. The mission of CUB is to unite leaders who share this belief.

What does this mean for our clients?

Being a CUB member allows our team at Aus Merchant to open our business up to a new network of merchants, individuals, investors, and other entrepreneurs. The exclusive relationship with CUB provides our company with the skills and knowledge to continue expanding our company and providing exceptional financial service for our customers. 

Aus Merchant understands that business is all about forming strategic partnerships, and CUB is the perfect entity to provide us with that opportunity. Our investors and merchants benefit from the leadership our team gains from CUB. We are already known as a leader in the crypto industry. Our membership increases the ability to provide guidance, industry information, and additional products and services as we continue to expand.

Learn How Aus Merchant Helps You Invest In Your Future

Aus Merchant is at the forefront of transforming the traditional financial markets to digital markets. We anticipate digital currencies to be rapidly adopted as they continue to disrupt traditional financial markets in unique and innovative ways. We support both investors and merchants to adopt the future of money. Our services even extend to the NFT space, and we work with leading global artists to create unique, one of a kind solutions to market their art and provide it to the savvy investor.

Aus Merchant specialises in delivering curated digital asset services to a diverse network of clients. When you work with Aus Merchant, you have a dedicated Account Manager who works with you to find the right investment for your needs and help you discover additional investments you may not even know exist. Reach out to Aus Merchant today and learn how we can help you revolutionise your investment portfolio with the world of digital currency.