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The Aus Merchant team

The Aus Merchant Team

Aus Merchant is a digital currency provider for investors and businesses. Supporting clients travel upstream into the future of money and finance. Whether that goal is to buy, sell, trade, hold, earn, spend or receive digital assets, Aus Merchant brokers are able to assist through a wealth management portal interface.

The Aus Merchant team assembled in 2020 as a group of industry professionals and investors seeking a more efficient method of trading and storing digital assets, with a vision to bring the future financial system to a growing network of Australian investors and businesses.

We want to build our own digital currency wealth management and banking system.There are many steps before this dream is realised, and after only a short period we are already experiencing the future of money.

We have grown since inception and are always actively looking for talent in the cryptocurrency industry.

Establishing a network of exchanges, wallet security providers and compliance protocols was the first stage of Aus Merchant’s journey.

Aus Merchant
Trade Network

Aus Merchant Trade Network

There will always be a need for brokers in any financial system, they ease the transition and navigate the waters. With the emergence of bitcoin and money becoming increasingly digital, these brokers are tasked with finding the most efficient passage for your digital assets through a growing trade network. Take your investment upstream into the future of money.

At Aus Merchant we are looking for partnerships with all manner of businesses looking to accelerate the transition into a decentralised financial future with a trusted platform. 

Join the Aus Merchant Trade Network, and discover more than one way to make digital assets work for you.

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