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Aus Merchant was first launched in 2020, with an ambition to remodel the traditional financial ecosystem and take it into a new world of digital currency. We know the blockchain approach to finance is more streamlined, advanced and the transparency it provides is safer for our clients as well.

Our services cover banking, trading and financial services, with innovative tools like our wealth management portal.

For merchants, we offer integrated crypto payment solutions and accounting platforms.

For investors, our approach is tailor-made as well. Aus Merchant has access to all digital currencies, not just a select few. And by accessing and analysing multiple exchanges, we can provide the right currencies for clients, at the very best price.

Our services also extend into the NFT space and we work with leading global artists to create bespoke solutions for the effective marketing of their art.

This is Aus Merchant. This is just the start of an exciting new journey.


Driven to uncover dynamic new ways to help our clients achieve and maintain their goals through digital currency solutions.


To be regarded as the world leader in the delivery of truly integrated digital currency investment, NFT, banking and merchant solutions.


Empowering Australian investors and businesses by helping them move to a crypto-economic system, so they can realise their full potential.


Helping Australians harness the power of digital currency through strong relationships built on trust, to help them achieve their goals.

Aus Merchant
Trade Network

Aus Merchant Trade Network

We anticipate that digital currencies will be rapidly adopted as they continue to disrupt traditional financial markets in unique and innovative ways.

Aus Merchant is at the forefront of this transformation by supporting both investors and merchants to adopt the future of money.

We specialise in delivering curated digital asset services to a diverse network of clients including individuals, businesses and trusts.

Networks are built one node at a time, speak with your dedicated Account Manager to discover what’s possible.

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